Whitest Taino Alive – Whitest Taino Alive

No signs of stopping or slowing down. Whitest Taino Alive‘s self-titled EP is here. Our boys at Remezcla and Noisey have already shown much love, and all that’s left to say is… well, what else can we add?

Marvin Marlyn – Feeling Hot

Following up our last joint by way of Ecuador, we are proud as ever to present the Chilean modern-funk wizard Marvin Marlyn putting his own spin on the jersey sound with his new EP, Feeling Hot.

Karhu – Folie À Deux

Have you heard about Karhu?  A melding pot of juxtaposed influences. Latin America meets the UK.Organic meets synthetic.Sound designer meets producer. Without further ado, here is his debut release, Folie à Deux.

Cohoba – Chromatism

Retrofuturism meeting at he intersection between urban and sci-fi. Cohoba, known for his boom-bap and experimental beats shows off how he has evolved over the years with Chromatism.