AcentOh – Soy Un Tipo

Boom-bap, it’s where AcentOh feels most at home. Teaming up with Cohoba for this fresh single, we can see why.

Bacayne – Azure Magic

This is the product of the last few decades of music flying through the airwaves, mixing together and landing in the list of influences of a producer that has as much talent as value for his own self expression. With a background in rock, a penchant for downtempo, both nostalgia and enthusiasm for hiphop and an unrelenting gameness for experimentation,

Marvin Marlyn – In The Heart Of Vol. IV

The family is more than proud to present a new mixtape that serves as both a celebration and a taste of things to come. We struggle to believe 5 years have already passed since the release of Soy Otro Tu, Marvin Marlyn’s debut album, and the young artist is showing no signs of slowing down at all. From modern funk

Whitest Taino Alive – Whitest Taino Alive

No signs of stopping or slowing down. Whitest Taino Alive‘s self-titled EP is here. Our boys at Remezcla and Noisey have already shown much love, and all that’s left to say is… well, what else can we add?

Maeloo – ネオンの夢 (Neon Dreams)

We’re more than excited to finally bring you an EP of tunes curated over the span of a couple of years from a talent that shows no signs of slowing down any time soon.

Marvin Marlyn – Feeling Hot

Following up our last joint by way of Ecuador, we are proud as ever to present the Chilean modern-funk wizard Marvin Marlyn putting his own spin on the jersey sound with his new EP, Feeling Hot.

Karhu – Folie À Deux

Have you heard about Karhu?  A melding pot of juxtaposed influences. Latin America meets the UK.Organic meets synthetic.Sound designer meets producer. Without further ado, here is his debut release, Folie à Deux.

Cohoba – Chromatism

Retrofuturism meeting at he intersection between urban and sci-fi. Cohoba, known for his boom-bap and experimental beats shows off how he has evolved over the years with Chromatism.