Bacayne – Lo-Fi Mix 01

Bacayne shows off his more dancefloor oriented persuasions with this DJ mix. While you may know him as the downtempo, IDM and bass music producer, he loves a dancefloor boogie and has been showing it off in the DJ booth for quite some time. Check this mix out.

Bacayne – Alnight EP

A musical melding pot manifested in an enthusiastic producer, Bacayne hits us with a more refined take on his influences, serving up some R&B flavoured synth-heavy grooves over the relentless drums he can be known for.

Cohoba & Inko – Fine Grains w/ Uraki Riddim, Cain & Mwëslee

The boys chatted a bit to Fine Grains label boss Uraki Riddim aka Alexander Horne of how the sound of the label came to be and music that has influenced them, from outside the island as well as in, plus some proper guest sets from Cain & Mwëslee. Check it out.

Bacayne – Been Bad

In anticipation for his next EP, Bacayne brings us a freebie remix of the Cassie classic, “Me & U”. Vibe out to it and keep your eyes peeled for more from the upcoming Alnite EP.

Cohoba (ft. AcentOh & VFRO) – Tormentas

Cohoba teams up with AcentOh once again, and with Stereoptico’s new heavy hitter, VFRO, to bring us this low end heavy future Caribbean banger. This is what happens when you put Latin America’s forward thinking talent in a studio together.

VFRO – Mercurial EP

VFRO’s first EP on Stereoptico comes in strong with some serious Latin American flavor. Trap, Caribbean bass and baile funk are just a few of the styles you can hear as the young producer pays homage to what it’s like growing up in South America and being influenced by this music while championing a forward thinking approach to production.

DAMNBR – Hel Chronic

One of the Dominican Republic’s best kept secrets, and undoubtedly one of Latin America’s best beat makers, DAMNBR comes back after a hiatus bringing us a new installment of his classic style.

Whitest Taino Alive – Manda Nudes

Whitest Taino Alive is back, bringing us ‘Manda Nudes’, their 2nd full length album. The trio continues to explore the future of trap and hip-hop in the Caribbean, with a squad of collaborators including AcentOh, La Ñapa, our very own Maeloo as well as new friend of the family VFRO. Dripping in Dominican swag.

Cohoba x AcentOh – 2020

After dropping a couple of hot singles, AcentOh formally teams up with Cohoba to bring us 2020, their first comprehensive project together, exploring the sound of modern hip-hop reinterpreted in the Caribbean.

Sociedad/Alta – FARSTREAM

Some of the cleanest, most forward-thinking music coming out of the islands, Sociedad/Alta bring us his futuristic spaced out soundscapes to a trap-heavy framework. The young Puerto Rican artist is hungry as ever in 2017, and this release is a good indicator that he shows no signs of slowing down.

AcentOh – Hoy

Thugs need love too, and no better way of proving it than with this emotive single from AcentOh, with Cohoba & VFRO on production.