Dominican, born and bred, Cohoba takes influences from electronica, hip-hop, jazz and soul and whirls them up in a blender, ready for vocals to float on top of. When not working with n6el as the low-riding electro hip-hop duo Botanico, or as their spaced out disco project Astro Hernandez, Cohoba can be found making beats in his room/home studio, playing DJ and live sets at hot nightlife spots in Santo Domingo, scoring music for film or theater or working with a band to inject some forward-thinking sounds into their collaborative sound palette.

Jorge Read has been a fan of music all of his life. The role of producer began in 2007 for him, and it didn’t take long before he was getting some positive reactions, being selected as one of the few to attend the prestigious Red Bull Music Academy 2010 in London. He has paved a way for himself in the world of audio, from being a label head on the premiere Dominican electronic music netlabel Stereoptico, to producing commercial jingles for various local brands, to touring Latin America performing live electronic music in an award winning theatrical production, Cohoba is a name you should remember if you hadn’t heard it yet.

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