Cohoba – RBMA Alumni Mix


01. DAMNBR - La La (Stereoptico)
02. Maeloo - Talkvox (Upcoming Stereoptico)
03. Cohoba & AcentOh - Donde Tu Ta? (Stereoptico)
04. Cohoba - Solarsense (Fine Grains Records)
05. AcentOh - Hoy prod. Cohoba, Maeloo & VFRO - (Stereoptico)
06. VFRO - SXR (Upcoming Stereoptico)
07. Flaqy - Nunca Tanto prod. Diego Raposo (Self Released)
08. Cohoba - Visiones - Demo Instrumental (Unreleased)
09. Ce Qei - Shooters prod. Diego Raposo (Unreleased)
10. Maeloo - Proceso (Unreleased)
11. VFRO - Vistamar (Upcoming Stereoptico)
12. DJ Zirk - Anna 4 Ya Hoez ft. Kilo G - (O.M.V. Muzik)
13. Whitest Taino Alive - Ratata (Stereoptico)
14. Whitest Taino Alive - Qlon (Stereoptico)
15. VFRO - Shaders (Upcoming Stereoptico)
16. Cohoba & AcentOh - Eso Cxlo (Stereoptico)
17. Whitest Taino Alive - La Empanada (Stereoptico)
18. Whitest Taino Alive - A.V.Q.P. (Stereoptico)
19. La Ñapa - Cualto Paca Instrumental - (Unreleased)
20. Bacayne - Loveware (Upcoming Stereoptico)
21. Maeloo - Under Newyork Instrumental - (Unreleased)
22. Cohoba & AcentOh - El Clon (Stereoptico)

The Dominican producer and Stereoptico boss merges digital trap and Caribbean rhythms to create a hyper-regional sound for the Alumni Mix.

A participant of the 2010 Academy in London, Dominican musician Cohoba draws from hip-hop, jazz and soul to create his electronic beats, then weaves vocals through it all to create a personal, regional sound. He’s collaborated with n6el as duo Botanico and as cosmic disco project Astro Hernandez, and is part of witty hip-hop storytelling collective Whitest Taino Alive – all of it taking inspiration from the local dialects, tropical sounds, rising heat and dancing bodies of his native Santo Domingo. Before joining the Academy Cohoba started his own label, Stereoptico, which has since taken him down various creative paths – producing and releasing solo and collaborative material, making music for commercials and films, touring Latin America as part of the live band, as well as with theatrical productions scored by himself.

His latest release on Stereoptico, a 2017 collaborative EP with Dominican MC AcentOh entitled 2020, merges digital trap beats with Caribbean rhythms and hyper-regional slang to create a style that they’ve playfully named “Caribe-Futuro.”

– @redbullmusicacademy