Cohoba – minitape1

From kung-fu movies to old technology, broken boomboxes to gun-shot samples, Cohoba draws inspiration from all over the place and expresses it through his music. minitape 1 is the first of a series where the producer will be exploring work closer to back in the day when he was jamming out beats in his bedroom for the fun of it.

Featuring Jon Blon Jovi (already tight teammate of Cohoba’s in the tropical trap trio Whitest Taino Alive) and Ce Qei on raps, minitape1 brings us a unique visual with every track, teaming up with Frank X to bring you moving images that really reflect the music Cohoba is making.

Starting on April 17th, Cohoba will be dropping one track and video every week, every Wednesday for the next couple of months. Check out WWW.MINITAPES.TV

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