whitest taino alive

Dubbed things like “the Dominican Republic’s funniest hip-hop trio as well as “music for nerdy kids who grew up with merengue and a high-speed internet connection”, the fact of the matter is, Whitest Taino Alive’s are true pioneers of the Latin and Caribbean trap/hip-hop sounds.

The uncompromising production of Cohoba under his DaBeat Ortiz persona, coupled with the most folkloric and unapologetic bars coming from MCs Jon Bon Jovi and Dominicanye West produce a combination that in retrospect makes complete sense that it caused the commotion that it did

Whether the boys were rocking out as Festival NRMAL in Mexico, delivering a lecture at the SAE Institute or catching the eye of Rolling Stone for their top 10 best albums of the year in Latin America, el Taino promises some new surprises in the near future.

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