2X2 #006: XK & Moduloktopus


The 2X2 series is alive and kicking harder than ever. After a bit of a hiatus, we bring you back a nice batch of beats cooked up by 2 very creative Dominican producers.

We have XK, a guy who’s tried his hand at this whole beatmaking thing and can show off some of the fruits to his labor. You know we’re ones to always try and showcase talent, so enjoy 2 very special cuts by this new friend of the fam.┬áThen we got Moduloktopus, the eclectic multi-styled project of one of our boys who we know from way back. He’s a producer, guitar player and Berklee graduate, that from the looks of it is trying to get every single genre out there under his belt.

We’re proud to bring back the 2X2 series in a beautiful fashion with “Drip”, so cop these bass heavy tracks and enjoy.

A1. XK – Say Goodbye
A2. Moduloktopus – Queef Latifah
B1. XK – Real OG
B2. Moduloktopus – Drips of Sweat