#018: Marvin Marlyn


Soy Otro Tu

Modern music with an oldschool feel, 19 year old crew member Marvin Marlyn from Santiago, Chile brings us his own version of modern funk. Glitchy beats and sweet melodies, you get to see what this young artist has envisioned as funk up to 2011. Having dabbled in many disciplines from rapping to visual art, Marvin has an eclectic creative background that is sure to color the way he makes music. The very first album dropped here on Stereoptico, we are more than proud to present it to you. Brand new dope shit, don’t let anyone tell you about it.

“Al fin algo de Chile que me Sorprende!!! Pongan atención!” – C-Funk (Los Tetas)

01. You are Everything (Intro)
02. Welcome
03. Conciencia Cósmica
04. Fuerza Creativa
05. Tu Aroma (Interludio)
06. Blow
07. Alom
08. Ácido Cerebral
09. Conversación Estelar
10. Adolescent-Dam (Tributo)