#017: Inko


Tropical Offbeat

Finally, we get some love from our Norwegian export Inko. In his first EP for the label, we can hear some tunes that really describe the sound that has made him who he is. Whatever your opinion is, after listening to this EP we all have to agree on at least one thing: the man is unique. Glitchy, funky tunes that get ahead of themselves and then fall back with a real Caribbean swing to it, Inko shows you can do your own thing and still have it shake some asses. Even a guest appearance by the multi-talented DAM!BEER. Enjoy.

01. Sabor a Mi
02. American Hipster
03. Planet & Orbits (ft. DAM!BEER)
04. Jazzy EFX
05. All Over You
06. Yo Soy La Fama
07. Entering Lavoe’s Cosmos