Marvin Marlyn


Born and raised in Santiago, Chile, Alexander Zuñiga puts hard work into production and trying to bring more diversity and promote the beat-scene in his local area of San Ramon. Getting his start in the world of music at age 12 by writing lyrics and rapping with his friends and getting a bit fed up with how things worked early on, he turned his interests towards visual arts; graphic design, film-making and even some street art, but not ever straying too far from music. Getting back into it, he found himself more adept to beatboxing, and with the encouragement of his friends, he started making beats a couple of years ago.

His style is heavily marked by jazz, underground hip-hop and bits and pieces of electronica. From Jaco Pastorius to J Dilla, D’Angelo to Dam-Funk, a bunch of different influences come together for his big melding pot of spaced out funk. Enjoy this teaser of his upcoming release on Stereoptico, his first full length LP, Soy Otro Tu. And keep your eyes peeled for more from this young talent.

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Soy Otro Tu
I Like Doing EP

In the Heart Vol. III
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