n6el and Cohoba team up to bring you the unstoppable beat crime duo, Botanico. They share a great chemistry¬†when it comes to playing live, and if they actually recorded every single damn mess-around session in studios, their rooms, or even playing around at random places (anywhere they can set down their laptops and controllers), they’d have a 10 album discography.

The small-but-growing beat scene in Santo Domingo owes a lot to what they’ve done at the Stereoptico organized ‘Classroom’ parties. Botanico’s crazy livesets were a crazy new things that steadily created a following. Throw in DAM!BEER adding his own live beats and scratching, and you have a recipe for mayhem. It was great to see them play alongside Ronald at the RBMA Infosession in 2009 in Santo Domingo, heralding Cohoba’s selection for the 2010 edition in London.

Ergonomia EP