Gabo Lora

Label Founder Since he was a kid, Gabriel had a strong fascination for imaginary worlds, playmobil, and music. His mom always said he had a good ear for music. He wasn’t too crazy about school, finding his escape in drawing fantastic superheroes. Quite good at it, he was a strange kid. He won a drawing […]

Ronald Kohn

Label Manager Born and raised in the DR, Ronald began spinning records a bit before his 16th birthday. He bugged his best friend ever since, constantly invading his bedroom to keep practicing. Became a huge technogeek, but also open to other genres, specifically after his participation in the Red Bull Music Academy in Toronto in […]


Dominican, born and bred, Cohoba takes influences from electronica, hip-hop, jazz and soul and whirls them up in a blender, ready for vocals to float on top of. When not working with n6el as the low-riding electro hip-hop duo Botanico, or as their spaced out disco project Astro Hernandez, Cohoba can be found making beats […]


Noel Lamarche had a musical childhood, growing up in the Dominican, his Sunday mornings where comprised of Beatles records and the occasional bed jumping. Being around his father’s vinyl collection proved beneficial, as he picked up bass when he was a still a strapping young lad, his involvement in bands led him to learn guitar […]


Joel began as a DJ and turntablist, later producing breaks for scratching and writing galactic beats. While other DJ’s were very into WuTang at the time, DAM!BEER was jamming to the influences of Godzilla Space Breaks and Atari 2600. He then started slowly to get more involved with hip-hop, uniting his wackier ideas with the […]


Inko has been looking for his own sound for a while now… since 2003 to be more exact. Taking influences from darker electro, industrial, noise, post-punk, hip-hop, and a strong punk attitude when producing makes Inko hard to place in a box. Emilio tries to not make tracks the way we are used to. Residing […]


n6el and Cohoba team up to bring you the unstoppable beat crime duo, Botanico. They share a great chemistry when it comes to playing live, and if they actually recorded every single damn mess-around session in studios, their rooms, or even playing around at random places (anywhere they can set down their laptops and controllers), they’d […]

Marvin Marlyn

Born and raised in Santiago, Chile, Alexander Zuñiga puts hard work into production and trying to bring more diversity and promote the beat-scene in his local area of San Ramon. Getting his start in the world of music at age 12 by writing lyrics and rapping with his friends and getting a bit fed up […]