R.I.P. 2013

The Stereoptico family would like to thank you all for your support this past year and assure you there are big things to come. As a token of our appreciation, our boy Cohoba has compiled this nice little mix of tracks we’ve been feeling these past 12 months, complete with an unreleased Whitest Taino Alive […]

Marvin Marlyn – In The Heart Vol. III

Marvin Marlyn brings us his new mix, full of fresh new material you definitely should not miss. Our funk virtuoso drops some of his cuts he’s already released on his home away from home, Stereoptico, as well as exclusive work from his native crew project, Future Frequencies, where he showcases promising faces from his Chile. […]

Podcast #017: Tornadu

This whole Stereoptico project started out as a way to showcase some local talent. To get some Dominican beats out in the world. We keep on meeting new people and making new friends, down here and all over the place, but we haven’t forgotten what it’s all about. Tornadu is a friend of the fam, […]


So we’re doing this thing called TURBO >> in a couple of days, and its a thing we want to try and do often. The idea is to keep the vibe going all night, playing great tracks to party to. So why not some music while we wait? We present the TURBOTAPE. It’s a promise […]

Podcast #016: Mamberto Real

We’re no strangers to some bumpin’ club music, so taking it up tempo for the STOPCAST are some serious Dominican house heads, Mamberto Real. Half of the duo already featured here before, Mamberto Real is composed of DJ/producers Sir-Siljian and Arialdo, who fuse together their low-end heavy aesthete with some funky-dirty house grooves. Enjoy this […]

Podcast #015: Cohoba

We got Cohoba taking the lead of this thing for a second time, citing he’s just been digging too many new sounds to not put a STOPCAST together. Hell, it’s also his birthday today. Watch out, in the following hour of music, from spaced-out textures to dancier rhythms, your head will be played with. You […]

Podcast #014: Macrofunk

Showcasing his tastes on the podcast this time around, we have a guy who has funk and groove in his veins. He can play most instruments, playing in a bunch of bands ever since he was a kid, known for being in charge of the bass for dominican crowd-pleaser band Calor Urbano, dedicating himself to […]

DAM!BEER – Friday People Mix

We are pleased to present to you this awesome 20 minute mix featuring latest creations from his home studio/beat lab in the stars. Expect to see a new DAM!BEER EP surfacing on the site very soon, but for the time being enjoy this very special session featuring some of the finest music in the underground […]

Podcast #013: Glowing Palms

Coming out of dark basements and warehouse parties somewhere in UK, we received this special little mix from new project Glowing Palms. We were sworn to secrecy on the details, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy just over half hour of fresh weird lo-fi funkwave disco goodness, whatever that means. Watch out for one […]

Podcast #012: Chago

A man you’re more used to seeing than you are to hearing, Chago is in charge of our new installment of the podcast. Designer, VJ turned DJ, music lover all around, and one of the founding members of La Pixeleria, arguably our country’s spearhead when it comes to visual art, Chago has always been a […]