Whitest Taino Alive – Que Salsa

Whitest Taino Alive, a group that needs no introduction if you’ve been paying attention these last couple of years, is back with Que Salsa.

Cohoba – Talanquera

Looking to meld the influences from music that shaped him growing up, Cohoba combines heavy beats and trap aesthetics with Brazilian flavored samples and arrangements. Talanquera is a throwback to the style of music he was putting out prior to 2019’s minitape1 and a taste of what’s to come in 2021 from the Dominican heavy-hitter. Blessing us with his talents,

Bacayne – Yesternow EP

A nostalgia-laden journey into a fusion of sounds influenced by modern funk, synthwave, future bass, ambient and trap, and even Internet-culture microgenre sensation vapourwave. On the visual side, we have a strong collaboration with Hong Kong audiovisual virtuoso @kailuen3030 serving up the artwork as well as hypnagogia inducing visuals for each track, as well as @frankxavierfx who has taken to creating a full length

Bacayne – Lo-Fi Mix 03

Bacayne comes with another curated mix of his favourite tunes alongside a sneak peek at some of his upcoming material. Check it out.

Lazy H – Where’s Bill?

Lazy H delivers on Where’s Bill? with an eclectic melange of his influences spanning jazz, experimental and dance music, arranged into 7 tracks that cover a lot of ground.

Lazy H – Far Away

Further expanding his range as an artist, Lazy H brings us the haunting and beautiful Far Away, his true unveiling as a vocalist.

the minitapes experience

We put a little something together – an audiovisual experience to provide the best possible environment to enjoy Cohoba’s minitape1. A close collaboration with visual creative and friend of the family Frank X, go check out his reinterpreation of the beats through his own visual sampling techniques. Check it:www.minitapes.tv

Cohoba – minitape1

From kung-fu movies to old technology, broken boomboxes to gun-shot samples, Cohoba draws inspiration from all over the place and expresses it through his music. minitape 1 is the first of a series where the producer will be exploring work closer to back in the day when he was jamming out beats in his bedroom for the fun of it.

Bacayne – Lo-Fi Mix 02

Bacayne hits us with a second instalment of his favourite dancefloor friendly material across this one our mix.

Lazy H – Only an Outline

We’re more than excited to unveil Lazy H’s debut EP, showcasing his style across synth heavy takes on electronica, pop and trap. The Dutch-born, Scottish-raised, London-based producer and multi-instrumentalist prepared an eclectic mix of sounds that eloquently describe his range as a music-maker.

Cohoba – RBMA Alumni Mix

The Dominican producer and Stereoptico boss merges digital trap and Caribbean rhythms to create a hyper-regional sound for the Alumni Mix. A participant of the 2010 Academy in London, Dominican musician Cohoba draws from hip-hop, jazz and soul to create his electronic beats, then weaves vocals through it all to create a personal, regional sound. He’s collaborated with n6el as