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Cohoba – Wings (Official Video)

Here’s the official video for “Wings”, another upcoming tune from Cohoba’s yet unreleased EP, dropping in a few days. Shout outs to Suiche Machete for the beautiful work.

Produced by Suiche Machete
Directed and Edited by Marcos Cordova
DP Jaime Guerra
VFX by Erwin Jimenes / Rony Avila

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Cohoba – Know 1 (Official Video)

We’re stepping our game up. We’re proud to bring you the official video for “Know 1″, an upcoming tune from Cohoba’s yet unreleased EP, dropping at your favorite Dominican electronic music label this March. We have to give props to Sebastian Cabrera for direction, shooting and editing duties, as well as Waldo Lara for motion graphics and Hermes Sign on the design end of things.

Trip out to this psychedelic adventure into surreal imagery with the twisted sounds of our boy Cohoba who never fails to deliver. Keep your eyes peeled for more on the upcoming release, and some other audiovisual goodies coming to you in the near future.

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R.I.P. 2013

RIP 2013

The Stereoptico family would like to thank you all for your support this past year and assure you there are big things to come. As a token of our appreciation, our boy Cohoba has compiled this nice little mix of tracks we’ve been feeling these past 12 months, complete with an unreleased Whitest Taino Alive track which will be showing up in an upcoming album.

Cop it, enjoy, and party hard but safe tonight. Happy new year.

Click on catalogue below to stop by our mixes section and check out the full tracklist.

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The Taino Has Landed


It’s here. Whitest Taino Alive’s debut EP has just been dropped, so grab a nice digital copy and have a laugh while you groove to this. Also don’t forget to check out to stay up to date on any news from the Tainos themselves. We’re sure this won’t be the last you hear from them.

As always, feel free to give our catalog a nice little browse now that you’re here. From rapping natives to intergalactic beats, we think we might surprise you.

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Stereoptico presents: Whitest Taino Alive


Welcome to the DR. We’re proud to present the new project we’ve been keeping a secret for the last few. Our own heavy-hitter Cohoba has gotten together with 2 characters from varied origins in the local music scene. Focusing their energies together, we got a meeting between futuristic beats, rap skills and authentic Dominican attitude that refuses to take itself too seriously. The debut EP, “Choperia Fina”, is coming soon this November, when you’ll also be able to find out more at

Between then and now, you can whet your appetite with “Piel de Leather, the first single to see the public. Groove to this, and have a laugh if you can follow the lyrics.


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Marvin Marlyn’s drops a FRESH new mixtape


Marvin Marlyn brings us his new mix, full of fresh new material you definitely should not miss. Our funk virtuoso drops some of his cuts he’s already released on his home away from home, Stereoptico, as well as exclusive work from his native crew project, Future Frequencies, where he showcases promising faces from his Chile. And you know that’s something we can’t help but get behind.

What can we say about Marv that hasn’t already been said? The kids rocks the beats like the old school jumped into a DeLorean and came to 2013. Vintage vibes with a hi-tech attitude. Enjoy this session as much as we did, we’re sure you would even if we didn’t tell you.

Diggin’ those vibes? Download the mix below, or stop by the catalogue to see the full tracklist as well as our previous material as well. ENJOY.

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Cohoba Gets Guap


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Cohoba to drop new EP on UK Label Crackling Claps

We’re always happy to make new friends, specially friends with our same taste in music. Crackling Claps is a fresh new imprint based in London founded just last year. An art based record label, the project is seriously focused in providing quality music without having to worry about the latest sub-genre or fad sweeping some trendy scene. Their philosophy is that as long as it sounds good, anything goes. That, and they’re pretty committed to showcasing sounds from young new artists that are doing their own thing. And guess what? That’s pretty alright in our book.

‘$lu$h’ will be Cohoba’s first full-blown EP outside of his home crew of Stereoptico, and his first release in quite a bit of time. However, you get to sample some sounds from some other crew members, as featured on this release are his long time studio partner n6el, as well as Ronald K, each lending their talents to a track. The overall vibe is very Cohoba, ranging from footwork to downtempo, experimental to very damn danceable. The EP drops this April 29th, 2013, but in the meantime, you can check out some snippets in the player below, as well as browse around the rest of the Crackling Claps catalogue.

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SCDDALTA – Sound n3t EP


Sound n3t EP

For our very first drop of 2013, it makes sense we’d go with something fresh, a new member of the crew who’s got his own way of making sounds and rhythm that we’re really into. We made some noise a while back for his banger ‘UHHU’, so now we’re happy to give you the full-on release.

Grab it, jam to it, share it. We hope you enjoy what this young Puerto-Rican producer brings to the table, as we’re sure you’ll be hearing more from him in the months to come.

01. Storm Days
02. Addiction
03. Fogged
04. UHHU
05. Moon Building

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We welcome SCDDALTA


On this occasion, we’re extremely happy to introduce SCDDALTA, a new addition to the crew. Hailing from Puerto Rico, this young producer has crafted and polished his own take on some of the sounds we’ve been going crazy over. He has a 5 track EP that we’re dropping in the next few days, and we wanted to give you a sneak peek at the goods.

This top-shelf piece is titled ‘UHHU’. Keep your eyes peeled for more from SCDDALTA. If listening to new and unique music is your things, we’re sure he’ll have something that’s up your alley.

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